Thursday, December 6, 2007


I used to be a Husky kind of person.

Beautiful shiny coat, dramatic tribal markings, slightly sinister
appearance: it was hard to think of another kind of dog more
interesting than a Siberian.

That was before my girlfriend introduced her dog George into my life.
A quirky example of a quirky breed: the bulldog.

I read that this breed, despite having a reputation of being
absolutely fearless, is actually known to have many irrational fears.
George certainly lives up to that description. Ceiling fans,
umbrellas, bicycles, shopping bags, aerosol cans, moisturisers,
mineral water bottles, hosepipes, guitars, motorbike helmets: all of
them go onto his 'must avoid' list.

In his jumpier moods, the falling of a leaf in the garden can set him
off, propelling himself vertically into the air from all fours like a
cartoon character.

I think he's so appealing because he barely looks like a dog at all.
He doesn't have a tail. And his face bears more of a resemblance to
many human beings I know than any other breed of canine. When he
stands up on his hind legs, he just looks like a miniature human
being with strangely flat buttocks.

And his cute spongy body, when he sits on his haunches, looks more
like a koala bear than a dog.

He's so expressive, his wrinkly face allowing him a range of
expressions unknown to other breeds.

I can't imagine ever loving another kind of four-legged friend again.
What a character.

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