Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Heat island.

The brief winter – now depressingly at an end – only serves to remind
us how appallingly hot it is once the few days of coolness are
overcome by the relentless furnace-like heat blowing up from the
depths of Hades (or Narok, as they call it in these parts). Even if I
loved everything else about Bangkok, the heat is still the factor
that will end up persuading me to get the hell out sooner or later.
It was bad enough for me today, lying immobile under the fan reading
Michael Palin and only just managing to maintain my core temperature
at a safe level through total lack of activity. George the dog, with
his lack of sweat glands, looked as if he was really suffering. And
this is December – the coldest month. I dread to think what it will
be like in April, after four solid months of the sun beating down on
the hundred square miles of concrete that makes up central Bangkok.

Global warming is at its most vengeful here: as John Burdett says in
one of his Bangkok books, when you are already at the upper limits of
human tolerance, a couple of degrees extra pushes you into dangerous
territory. I'd much rather be enjoying global warming in London where
it's 8 degrees instead of 6.

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