Sunday, July 6, 2008

High mileage club.

Perhaps I'm being naive here, but I think these high petrol prices are fantastic.

They're getting to a level where people finally have to think before they get into their cars.

The result - in my neighbourhood at least - is fresher air, reduced decibel levels from traffic, a more appealling atmosphere, and a return of lovely tropical smells in the garden in place of diesel fumes and carbon monoxide.

I'm not sure that personalised individual transport should be a right automatically extended to everyone. Just because cars exist, doesn't mean everyone should get to drive one. It's just not feasible.

Necessary journeys are still financially viable. People can still get to work. Which is how it should be. But people really seem to be thinking twice as to whether their journey is necessary. Driving aimlessly around as a leisure option, which was undoubtedly the weekend choice of activity for thousands of people, is slowly being taken off the menu.

At any rate, the answer is simple. It's not a new invention, it's not something radical requiring great adaptations in lifestyle.

It's called a scooter.

Even with these new fuel prices, a full tank of my Fino is less than 200 baht. That four litres will last more than a week, going literally everywhere.

So far, I've done 4,000 kilometres on it. Compared to the 4,000 kilometres that I would otherwise have done in the Fortuner, the Fino has already saved me about 20,000 baht in a few short months.

For anyone wanting to immunise themselves against petrol prices, a trip to the local Yamaha dealer should be a matter of urgency.

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